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I recall my dad, the Marine, saying: “piss poor planning, promotes piss poor performance.” Heard variations of this phrase in college and later from my former manager at my first job post-undergrad.

People drilled down performance in various ways. Embedded it into my psyche as the top-tier skill necessary for…

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What do you do when your spirit feels unrest?
When it toils back and forth between decisions incomplete?

I wish I had the answers.

Though they may be embedded deep in my psyche, I’ve yet to conjure ways to unearth them.

My usual tactics seem to fail me.

The moments…

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Triggered by the discovery that years of “kundalini hot flashes” were the onslaught of premature menopause the entire time, it’s like my physical womb never stood a chance.

According to science, this makes me unmarketable in today’s dating pool. Particularly for those who see having these child-bearing hips as useless.

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I got work to do… I gotta job, baby— Vanessa Williams

It’s one of many favorites from her. I remember that video vividly. Wanted to feel empowered and embody the same sense of independence. Feel important. Understood the importance of telling someone I got work to do. However, later in…

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Honestly, I believe there’s a collective confusion about why so many Black folx aren’t enthused that Juneteenth is recognized as a federal holiday.

Even the most progressive of Black folx probably see this as a “win,” when really, it’s just another way to commodify, gentrify, and co-opt another Black tradition.

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I hung onto that phrase for decades — sexually liberated.

Went back and forth about the meaning. Did my best to discover what it looked like for me with all the examples I saw — media and community alike. For years, I talked about being sexually liberated at a hyper-local…

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I see you, sib.

I know what it feels like to have all the puzzle pieces come together and prematurely share them with the masses. It’s a challenge to sit on so much information and process it without a group around. That’s the reason for therapy. …

A reflection on Heaux Tales and heaux culture

heaux tales cover art / RCA

I let it sit with me for a minute — Heaux Tales, that is.

So much noise around the album brought a bunch of conversations and think pieces, as it should. …

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Black trauma porn disgusts my voyeuristic nature. Assured this “fuck” is not the erotic experience I desire. It continues to desecrate my timeline with its sacrilegious earth offerings and I promise, involuntary martyrdom is not a worthy sacrifice, nor is it activism.

However, those who control the media will convince…

Hippolyta and Beyond C’est / photo credit: Ei Ysar for HBO

Name yourself… Our elders urged us to be careful about what we answered to, because that’s what people would call us. Episode 7 of Lovecraft Country, titled “I Am,” is the perfect self-actualization piece. …

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